Cars: Sunbeam-Talbot 2 Litre

Introduced in September 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War, the 2-Litre was based on the Sunbeam-Talbot 10 with a 3½ʺ extended chassis to accommodate the larger 2-Litre side-valve engine. The engine was derived from the Humber Twelve of 1932 and developed 52bhp with the aid of an aluminium cylinder head. Unlike the Talbot 10, the 2-Litre was equipped with hydraulic brakes and an anti-roll bar. The 2-Lire was available as a Saloon, Drophead Foursome Coupe, Tourer (4 seat) and Sports (2 seat). Production ceased in October 1948 with a total 1304 cars being produced which included only 3 cars with Sports 2-seater coachwork.

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Body Type

Available as a Sports Saloon, Sports Tourer, Drophead Foursome Coupe and Sports 2-Seater


Number of Cylinders: 4
Firing Order 1342
Bore and stroke: 75 × 110 mm.
R.A.C Rating: 13·95
Cubic capacity: 1944 c.c.
Compression Ratio 6·5 to 1.

Cylinder Head

Polished aluminium, easily detachable. High Turbulence.




Counterbalanced 3 bearing


Special Downdraught ‘Stromberg’ incorporating a fully automatic thermostatically-controlled choke, giving instant starting under all weather conditions. Large and efficient Air Silencer and cleaner

Cooling System

Pump and Fan, Thermostatic control


Coil and distributor with automatic advance and retard, 12 volt.

Lighting & Starting

12 volt.


Ventilated type with automatic constant voltage control.

Gear Ratios

Top 4·44. Third 6·62. Second 10·97. First 15·83. Reverse 21·15.

Gear Control



Special Worm and Nut. 17-in. Flexible Steering wheel.

Front Axle

Rigid beam incorporating oil-resisting rubber seals to stub axles king pin, ensuring long life

Rear Axle

Semi floating, spiral bevel drive, specially built up differential case, webbed for rigidity and silence,


Open Shaft with Special Needle Roller Universal Joints.


Single dry plate.


Special deep section underslung. Large tubular and channel crossmembers.


Lockheed Hydraulic brakes are fitted. They are powerful, light in operation, act equally on all four wheels, and can be quickly adjusted.


Long semi-elliptic springs, front and rear of special design, covered with leather gaiters. Chassis underslung, with Sway Eliminator at front.

Shock Absorbers

Luvax Piston type Hydraulic, double acting.

Stabiliser Bumpers

The front bumper incorporates a stabiliser, while rear quarter bumpers are fitted to all models.

Road Wheels

Steel, with special discs, fitted with comfort tyres, 16 × 5·52 in.

Fuel Tank

½ gallons Tank fitted at rear of Chassis.

Fascia Board

Rheostat-controlled instrument lighting, with large speedometer marked in m.p.h. and k.p.h., complete with trip, electric clock, electric petrol gauge marked in litres and gallons, ampere meter, ignition warning light, oil gauge, combined ignition and lighting switch with ignition lock, and push starter control. 

Electrical Equipment

Lighting equipment consists of two headlamps, with dipping device and separate fuses, two side and twin rear lamps, stop light, reversing light, and auxiliary driving light. Control for driving lamps is situated on the instrument panel, but in addition, headlamps can be fully controlled from the steering wheel. Two-tone wind horns are fitted.

Chassis Dimensions
Wheelbase…   …   …   …
8ft. 0½ in.2451mm.
Track…   …   …   …
4 ft. 0 in.1219 mm.
Ground Clearance…   …   …   …6 in.152 mm.
Turning Circle…   …   …   …35 ft. 0 in.10668 mm.