Decode Your Chassis Number

Chassis numbers for all 80, 90 and Alpine models had the similar format of:


Where VVV are:

280 for all 80 models.
380 for all 90 MK I models.
300 for all 90 MK II models.
301 for all 90 MK IIa models and Alpine MK I.
350 for all MK III models and Alpine MK III.

The 3 letter suffixes have the following meanings:

When W = H – Home market.
When W = R – Right Hand drive export.
When W = L – Left Hand drive export.
When W = W – Right Hand Drive CKD (Complete Knock Down) crated for assembly overseas.
When W = X – Left Hand Drive CKD crated for assembly overseas.

When X = S – Saloon.
When X = R – Alpine (Roadster).
When X = X – Chassis only.

When Y = O – Standard.
When Y = M – Ministry of Supply contract.
When Y = P – Police specification.
When Y = X – Deviations from standard.

When Z = S – Special (Alpine Special only).

In addition O/D was added after these if Overdrive was factory fitted.