Cars: Talbot & Sunbeam-Talbot Ten

Launched at the 1935 Olympia Motor Show, as a Talbot 10 ‘Airline’, the car was based on the Hillman Aero Minx under-slung chassis extended to 7ft 9in with a higher compression cylinder head which produced 35bhp from the Hillman 1185cc side-valve engine. Featuring distinctive coachwork with a pillarless design where the door glass overlapped the fixed rear quarter glass. The Talbot 10 was available as a Sports Saloon (2 & 4 door), Dropheads Foursome Coupe, Sports Tourer (4 seat) and Sports (2 seat). From 1938, until production ceased in 1948, the model was badged the Sunbeam-Talbot 10. A total of 10972 were produced which included only 25 cars with Sports 2-seater coachwork.

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Body Type

Available as a 4 Door Sports Saloon, Drophead Foursome Coupe, Sports Tourer (4 seat), and Sports (2 seat)


Number of Cylinders: 4
Bore and stroke: 63 × 95 mm.
R.A.C Rating: 9.8
Cubic capacity: 1185 c.c.




3 bearings


Special Downdraught Zenith

Cooling System

Thermo-syphon and Fan


Coil and distributor with automatic advance and retard, 12 volt.

Lighting & Starting

12 volt.


Ventilated type with automatic constant voltage control.

Gear Box

Synchromesh. 4 speeds and reverse. Unit with engine.

Gear Ratios

Top 5·44. Third 8·16. Second 13·77. First 19·60. Reverse 21·80.

Gear Control



Special Worm and Nut. 17-in. Flexible Steering wheel.

Rear Axle

Spiral bevel drive.


Open Shaft with Needle Roller Joints.


Single Dry Plate.


Duo-servo, Cable Operated.

Road Springs

Long Semi-elliptic, front and rear. Chassis underslung.

Road Wheels

Steel, with special discs, fitted with comfort tyres, 16 × 5.25 in.

Fuel Tank

8½ gallons Tank fitted at rear of Chassis.


Permanent steel dash with tool box. Rheostat-controlled instrument lighting, with large speedometer marked in m.p.h. and k.p.h., complete with trip, 8-day clock, electric petrol gauge marked in litres and gallons, ampere meter, ignition warning light, oil gauge, combined ignition and lighting switch with ignition lock, throttle, choke and starter controls.

Chassis Dimensions
Wheelbase…   …   …   …7 ft. 9 in.2.362 m.
Track…   …   …   …4 ft. 0 in.1.219 m.
Ground Clearance…   …   …   …5¾ in.146 mm.
Turning Circle…   …   …   …35 ft. 0 in.10.668 m.
Colour Schemes
4 Door Sports saloon and D.H. Foursome Coupe

Gun with Grey leather upholstery*
Ruby with Maroon leather upholstery*
Cardorrundum Blue with Blue leather upholstery*
Copper Bronze with Brown leather upholstery*
Black with Brown leather upholstery

*Jewelessence finish

Sports Tourer

Gun with Grey leather upholstery*
Copper Bronze with Brown leather upholstery*
Red with Red leather upholstery
Green with Green leather upholstery
Black with Brown leather upholstery

*Jewelessence finish