Weekend at Peebles Hydro confirmed for Regions One & Two

BREAKING NEWS from the keyboard of Region 2 Organiser CHRIS BRYANT…

Dear All,

I have just had the good news that a date has been settled for the Selkirk rally. This means that Regions One and Two can now go ahead with the planned weekend at the Peebles Hydro. Stephen Leckie has done the hard part and enlisted the help of his PA Alison to assist with the organisation.

The plan is to arrive on Friday 13th September (don’t be triskaiedekaphobic) for a social evening, something will have evolved for Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th will be a grand day out at the Selkirk Rally, from there you can go home or stay for further merriment. The package that Stephen has kindly arranged is a double room dinner bed and breakfast, 2 night stay £286.00 per room, extending to £429.00 for a 3 night stay.

It is possible we will be having a guided tour of the new gin distillery, followed by a look at the gin palace, or maybe a trip round the new brewery (hopefully both).

If you would like to join us, please book direct with Alison at alisonmcleod@crieffhydro.com, Alison will also book you in at the Selkirk rally to make things easier for you. (Note, the email is Crieff hydro but we are actually staying at the PEEBLES Hydro.

If you were unable to attend the National Golden Jubilee celebrations, or would like to continue the festivities, please come and join us.It will be entertaining.

Contact Chris Bryant at region2@sunbeamtalbotalpineregister.co.uk or 01535 652535.