For owners of Alpine and 90 range of cars



Please note this image is a typical Crown Wheel & Pinion for reference purposes only.

  • STAR are pleased to announce that they are able to offer to club members new 3.9:1 crown wheel and pinion sets for the Alpine/90 range of cars.  3.9:1 is the ratio initially fitted to the non overdrive cars but extensive tests have proven this ratio to be beneficial when also fitted to overdrive models, giving better fuel economy and an improved cruising speed for modern highway conditions.
  •  New rear axle spares have been scarce for some time so STAR thought it wise to start limited runs of major components. These parts are offered to our membership for the sum of £750.00 plus p&p. It is worth noting that fitting a new crown wheel and pinion into a diff casing is a highly skilled job and it is strongly advised that this is carried out by a transmission specialist, the cost of this job will be born by the purchaser. 
  • If you would like one of these gear sets but have difficulty locating such a specialist, STAR officers will be happy to recommend one.

                           For owners of Talbot Ten and Sunbeam Talbot Tens.

  • We are considering producing a limited run of 5:1 crown wheel and pinion sets.
  • This ratio will offer owners that taller gearing required when in top gear on the open road, plus greater fuel economy. Initially we would like to gather a list of interested parties, as we would need to place an order for a modest quantity to enable the project to be viable.
  • Anyone who is interested should contact Martin Spurrell  ( ) with details of the year and model of their car (there are two distinct models that are not interchangeable)
  • There is no obligation to buy at this point,we are just researching numbers.