New Insurance Scheme for STAR members

We are always looking for ways to enhance benefits for members and we are
pleased to announce, with immediate effect, the introduction of a new and
exclusive insurance scheme to STAR members.
We have arranged a scheme with CLASSICLINE who are well respected
classic car insurance providers based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. They have
been in business for just over 30 years and have tailored a scheme to suit our
Unlike many other specialists, Classicline deal mainly with niche car
insurance, so you can be sure that when you make contact with them you get
the right person straight away. Whilst they do have on line enquiry and quote
facilities, they encourage direct telephone enquiries and personal contact.
They have dedicated staff who have many years of dealing with classic car
owners, and the senior management are enthusiasts too, sharing our hobby.
We wanted to choose an insurer that gave us a more complete package as
standard. The policy which Classicline are offering us automatically includes
the following:

  1. Comprehensive cover, with continental use included.
  2. Un-limited mileage. This will apply to all our club vehicles. Members will be
    asked to give an estimated mileage per annum for statistical purposes only,
    but the policy will be issued without any limits. This clears any fears of
    exceeding any selected mileage limit.
  3. UK and Continental breakdown and recovery included with Home Start.
  4. Sensible policy excesses.
  5. A dedicated claims line is used for claims reporting and should any vehicle
    be subject to a total loss the salvage can be retained by the policyholder. Also,
    and very importantly, the policyholder will be able to choose a repairer of his or
    her own choice. This eliminates the use of modern vehicle approved repairers
    who have limited experience of repairing classic cars.
  6. Uninsured loss recovery insurance is often a chargeable extra, but this
    again will be included within the premium quoted.

In addition to the above, Classicline will also offer the following if required,
subject to appropriate additional premium:
Agreed valuation can be included on request, subject to approval by
Classicline’s in house valuer and we strongly advise this.
Young drivers can be catered for from the age of 18 with at least 12 months
full drivers licence in force.
The scheme has the facility to add additional vehicles once an initial policy has
been issued. These can be any other classics or modern vehicles owned by
the policyholder, which provides the ability to have all vehicles covered under
one contract. Any vehicles added mid term will be charged at a pro rata
premium up to the initial renewal date. This means that the STAR discount can
be applied to your main modern vehicles as well. For those members wanting
to keep a separate policy for each vehicle and maintain different renewal
dates, this is also possible. Complete flexibility being the aim for members.
Home insurance quotations can be provided, with the option to include specific
cover for your own vehicle spares and workshop tools kept for personal use.
Have you ever considered the value of the vehicle spares on your property?
We have looked at example quotations and find the premiums to be extremely
competitive. We would encourage all members to give it a try and feel certain
that you will be happy with the premium quoted, especially when taking into
account the excellent policy cover provided. Your committee certainly feels
that the scheme must be regarded as a valued membership benefit.
Classicline can be contacted on the telephone on 01455 639 000 or online at
Remember this scheme is available now, so give it a try, we are sure you will
not be disappointed.
We will be monitoring the progress of the scheme over the coming months but
should you have any queries, or observations to make, please feel free to
contact me.
Alan Brinklow